Weather Change Day!!!!!


Minakami weather is very different we can feel. Today weather was change a lot, so quick sunny and rainy many times. So hard to understand the weather in Minakami.  But we had supper day in the river. We played a lot with water, waves, games and jump also. To do rafting adventure weather is not problem, We can do rafting any kind of weather. Please Visit us and get good experience of Rafting.

Welcome to Jug Sports!!!!!

今日もスプラッシュ!!!良い波、水しぶき、綺麗な川。素晴らしいですね。そして今日は久しぶりに朝から暑く、良い天気でした。しかし、14時ころでしょうか、突然の大雨。せっかくの良い天気が・・・そして今も降り続けています。明日はハイウォーターが楽しめそうですね笑 では、今日も1日お疲れ様でした♪