Smokey Day on the river!


Today we had rain and foggy day. Rafting with smokey on the river was very different experience. Its feel imagine all together, River, rapid with big whitewater, rain, fog and our fabulous guests.

Hope you do feel looking at those pictures and want to get in touch nature and play with it.

Let’s join rafting get refresh yourself!!!


午後は3名様の貸切ラフティング!笑 初体験の方もいらっしゃったようで、激流にはしゃぎ・楽しみ・もがいてましたね笑

今度は夏のラフティングにキャニオニングも経験したいとのことで!ぜひぜひ。ジャグスポーツ一同 みなさんの再来をお待ちしております♪♪笑 今日も1日お疲れ様でした!