Let’s Go Together!!!


Today was very busy day with lots of clients and many trips. We enjoyed lots all those trips, we went all together in the river to do rafting. It was so great to know all of you and you came to rafting to your holiday. We you all had great day in the river today and you looking your date to come back again to do rafting with us. Let’s go together and have fun!!!

今日も楽しいツアー、皆様ありがとうございました♪ 朝起きたら雨が降っていたので「今日も雨か・・・」と思っていましたが、心配をよそに、徐々に天気も回復!よく晴れてくれました!しかし風はどこか冷たく、秋の訪れを感じさせるような・・・笑 今年は残暑のようなので、まだまだ暑い日がくることを期待して待っております!